Bond 007 Phoenix Nylon Strap


Shocking! Positively shocking! - James Bond (Goldfinger). 

Step into the shoes of the legendary secret agent 007 with our original James Bond nylon strap from the classic film "Goldfinger". This band was worn by Sean Connery on his wrist and is now available to you!

Made from durable nylon, this band is not only sturdy but also comfortable to wear. The classic black-green striped pattern with red accents adds an elegant touch to your wrist.

The pattern on these bands is trademarked and can only be manufactured by Phoneix, the official supplier for the British Ministry of Defence (MOD) since 1973. However, Phoneix has discontinued production, making these extremely rare bands unavailable. But we have managed to source a few of these rare gems!


This band is a must-have for all James Bond fans and vintage watch collectors. Don't miss out on this opportunity to own a piece of cinematic history on your wrist!


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